Baby Raynav

The first photoshoot

Raynav’s first photoshoot, along with his proud parents.

Turns out photographing a baby is difficult, as the expressions and poses cannot be controlled. The only control you generally have is the lighting and positioning the baby.

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And Then There Were Three

A pregnancy photo shoot

Shriti and Naresh are expecting their first child in March. They wanted me to take some pictures to document their pregnancy. We wanted to go to a park to take these pictures but, Austin’s erratic winter weather put damper on our plans and we had to postpone few times.

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Serious Maicha

Going Traditional

Maicha is a Newari word, which means a young girl.

Saisha was gifted this beautiful traditional Newari costume by her maternal grandmother’s friend, back in May. She wore this costume for her daycare’s United Nation’s day celebration. However, we took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to take Saisha’s pictures in this attire.

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Free as the wind

My first try on levitation photography can be seen on this part of the post. Editing was not as hard as I thought it would be. Good results can be achieved with simple editing with Photoshop.

Thank you Rebecca and Brendan for coming fully prepared for the photo-shoot. It is always a pleasure working with ya’all.

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The Bliss

Four years, and still going STRONG

My friends Sachi and Saurav have been happily married for four years, and still going strong. They are always willing to help me learn and test new ideas, for which I am grateful.

The shots taken below used a simple three lights setup, with the third acting as a background light.

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