Moving Ahead

With zest and disarming smile

Congratulations to Sachi for graduating from Texas A&M with Masters in Accounting.

Among my photograph subjects you are one of those who has always supported my efforts — enthusiastically.

Moving Ahead | Picture 2

Graduation Picture

Masters in Accounting from Texas A&M

Biker's Look

Posing wearing a biker's jacket

Moving Ahead | Picture 1

Strobist Information

Sagun Khatri: the strobist diagram


  • Camera: Nikon D700
  • Lens: Nikon 50mm 1.8g
  • Flashes: LumoPro LP180R x 2
  • Accessories: Manfrotto 5001B x 2, Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod, Rogue FlashBender 2 XL Pro x 2

Camera Settings

  • Shutter Speed: 1/160th
  • Aperture: f 5.6
  • ISO: 200