Guide to shooting fireworks

I was very excited about shooting fireworks this Independence Day. With an hour of research, I came up a list you might want to consider while shooting fireworks.

Here is that list:

  1. use a tripod: this is essential, without a tripod you will get a blurry image
  2. use a cable release or a 2 seconds self-timer delay feature of your camera
  3. use a wide angle lens: I used a Nikon 24mm 2.8 lens
  4. focus just shy of infinity
  5. use manual mode: this is essential as well, you don’t want your camera to make decisions for you
  6. shoot with an aperture around f10
  7. use a slow shutter speed: I found using a 3 seconds exposure works better for fireworks
  8. shoot with your ISO at 100 or 200

Picture 1